She’s Not In Trouble. But She Doesn’t Care. Not Yet

She’s Not In Trouble.  But She Doesn’t Care.  Not Yet
an original erotic bondage story by RobertDeane

How it happened, at least part of it, wasn’t hard to explain.  She was a young nurse working in the hospital, taking care of patients, their every need.  Well, most of them.  She had lots of friends; but she also had a few enemies, those who would, at a minimum, like to see her lose her job.

None of that was hard to believe.  Some didn’t like her because of how she looked, a tiny (barely five foot tall) young blond.  Long hair that, of course, she always wore up when she worked.  And a body to match; her scrubs barely hid her *swimsuit style* body.  Full, erect, very natural breasts.  Her waist and hips also in the proper proportion.  She could have had a job as a model but instead chose this profession.

Her newest patient was a young man in his 20s.  He needed to be sedated, and kept that way.  There was a medical reason, she left that up to the doctors.  But there was also an interesting side effect.  The medicine in the IV gave him an erection, probably the largest she had ever seen.  She knew that he was well-built to begin with, but she swore that his erection was six foot tall and two  foot wide.  The covers on the bed?  There was always that *tent*, just below his waist.

She began to feel sorry for him, to think that it was somehow working on his mind.  To be that erect, that hard, for so long.  She also began to convince herself that it would do some damage.  So she just *had* to do something about it.  After all, *taking care of him* was her job.  It was the night shift.  And no one would know.

After she walked into his room, slowly closing the door behind her, pulling back the cover exposing that massive erection, she began to remove her scrubs, stripping down to proably the most non-medical undergarments that she had.  Okay, they were white.  But that’s where the similarity stopped.  A white shelf-bra, on which her more than ample young breasts rested.  Her npples had already become hard as diamonds just from the thought of what she was going to do.  It was some kind of *taboo*, she new that.  But she continued to justify it in her mind; it was *for him*, for the patient.

Below the blue scrub bottom she also wore white.  White garget belt, white stockings.  The only thing missing was white heels, but that would have been too obvious.

After pulling the curtain around the bed – it was a private room but it added, at least in her mind, to the privacy – she reached up behind her head, loosened her blonde hair, shook her head, and then let it fall to her shoulders.  There she stood, next to his bed, clad now only in her *barely cover anything* bra, garter and stockings.  Making as little noise as possible, she began the climb onto his bed, moving towards him, until she straddled him, her legs spread wide as they needed to be.

There was one more thing to do, one step to take.  And she did.  Reaching down with her left hand, she took hold of his cock, her small hand barely able to wrap around it, raised her body a bit as she pointed it between her legs and began what seemed like a long side.  Sliding it inside her, impaling her body on it.  Giving out a soft moan as it found its way deep inside her.

As she lowered herself until it was fully inside her, she thought for a moment that her body would be split in half.  She had never had anything so long or that wide inside her.  If she didnt know better, she would have sworn that her body was resting on a six foot pole.  Usually she would have used some kind of lubricant; but the knowledge of what she was about to do, how it would feel inside her, had already gven her all the natural lubicrant that she needed.

When it was completely side her, filling her like never before, her young body shuddered.  A tony orgasm, but an orgasm nevertheless.  She quickly had lifted her rght hand to press her palm against her mouth to keep any sound from escaping.

And the ride began.

Reaching down with her left hand resting it on his stomach, her right hand taking hold of her breasts, squeezing each one. she lifted her young body, feeling his cock slide inside her, then lowering herself until her body was, once again, implaed on it.  Up and down.  Each stroke slowly,methodically.  Using her body’s muscles to squeeze his cock tight.  Her thigh muscles being worked as never before, helping to lift her body, then letting it lower.  Each upwards and downward stroke quicker than the one before it.

All the time quietly telling herself *I’m doing this for him*,

She hadn’t expected it when her hit her.  That second orgasm, crashing through her.  Arching her body, thrusting her breasts upward, opening her mouth wide ready to scream.  Not caring who heard it.

Which was when she felt the hands from behind her.  The palm of one hand forced against her mouth, barely letting any sound escape.  The other wrapped around her midsection, holding her tight, as her body shook, convlused, from the most mind-blowing orgasm she had every experienced.

At first thinking it was a saviour, keeping her from alerting the entire hospital wing to what she was doing, she soon realized that something else was happening.  Whilie the one hand – on her mouth – kept her from making any noise, the other let loose of her waist then wrapped around her arms – first, her left arm then reaching around to grab her right – pulling them together behind her back.  Tight.  Her elbows yanked together hard by the powerful hands.  Forcing her body to arch even more, her breasts thrusting forward, a whimpering trying – unsuccessfully – to escape from deep inside her soul.

Which is also when she felt the breath on her left ear and heard the words, in almost a gutter sound.  *Don’t move and you won’t be hurt.  Move and you will be.*

Those hands must have done this before.  It seemed less than a second before the one hand moved away from her mough and the other released her arms.  Which is when she felt the white, medical tape being wrapped around her still-touching elbows.  As quickly as if it were a machine doing it.  More tape around her wrists, holding them just as tight, palm to palm.  Followed by the sound – and feel – of the tape across her mouth and around her head.  Wrapped again, and again, and again.  Pulling her blonde hair against the back of her head.

One more strip across her eyes.  At least she had realized this and closed them, only moments before the first piece of tape was pressed against them.  She could hear the sound of the tape being wrapped fully around her head.

In less than what seemed like a moment, she could barely move her upper body.  The only sounds she could make were whimpers.  Her ability to see anything in the room was gone.  Along with her ability to move

She didn’t know who; she didn’t know why.  She only knew that he probably wasn’t done.  She was right.

More of the medical rape was wrapped arund each thigh and ankle, forcing  her to stay in a frogtied position.  Not only could she not move, she couldn’t lift herself up.  But even with all of this, that didn’t stop her.  The little movement available, the grinding of her hips, continued.  His hug cock was still inside of her, she was even more than before impaled on it.  Though she couldn’t believe it possible, with everything that happened she was more aroused than before.  She discovered that she could still lift her body, ever so slightly.  Which is what she did.  Which is also when the next orgasm went crashing thrugh her tiny body.  The only noise that could be heard was her breathing, her nostrils flared as the only way for her breathing became even more labored.

She didn’t care what he looked like.  A young blonde slut fucking a patient.  She only knew that a wailing noise was rolling through her body.  Rolling, and rolling, and rolling more.   For what seemed like hours but was probably less than a minute.

Which is when several thoughts hit her hard.  She was stuck.  The medication was still pumping into his body through the IV, the medication that was keeping his cock erect.  Not only would that keep her impaled, it would also keep her – and him – aroused.   A scantily clad blonde, her hair not only soaked from perspiration but pulled against her head from the medical tape around her mouth and her eyes.  Her young body glistening in what little light that was coming in. Her own body’s lubricant sliding down her innr thighs.

But she didn’t care.  Not at all.  Her muscles continued to grab his cock. Her body continued to slide up and down, even as little as she could move.  One orgasm, after another, rolling through her.

+ + +

When they found her at the shift change, her body was still shaking.  Her upper body was limp but she was mostly upright.  It took two others to lift her off of his still hard, still fully erect cock.  Which is when they saw what looked like a smile on his lips.

They never asked how she got this way.  Wrapped tight in the medical tape.  Gagged.  Blindfolded.  And engaging in a sexual act that no one could believe.  They didn’t want to know.  She didn’t want to tell them.

The patient, fully recovered, was discharged several days later.  He said that he didn’t know anything about what happened.  Though a smile seemed to form on his lips every time he was asked.

They were married – he and his former nurse – twelve months later.  On the anniversary of that date.  A case of white medical tape having been delivered to their bridal suite.


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